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A History of Excellence

As the largest co-educational Islamic school in south-east Melbourne, Minaret College has provided a holistic experience for countless students, allowing them to strive for their full potential as Muslims and global citizens.

Our Vision
Our vision is to produce a healthy Australian Muslim identity which is connected, conscious and sincere to its traditions and committed to excellence, good citizenship and compassionate service to humanity.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide an integrated Islamic and secular education that will help students develop their talents and capacities to their full potential, taking into account the social, cultural, and economic needs of the Islamic community and the nation as a whole.
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Our College

Minaret College offers Pre-School to Year 12 education at Springvale and Officer campuses. Our Doveton Campus is dedicated to primary years. We continually invest in our students to ensure they attain a quality Islamic and secular education.

Minaret College prides itself on nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Each and every student is empowered to embody our motto: Faith, Knowledge and Practice.

Our teachers are highly qualified and committed to providing an Islamic environment for students to thrive. At Minaret College, success is measured in many ways – academic success, VCE results and countless pathways our students pursue after graduating. We also remind our students of the saying of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, “The best among you are those who have the best manners and character”.

Our Story

Founded in 1992 as Islamic College of Noble Park by Mr Mohamed Hassan, Minaret College’s vision has always been to give a holistic education to children, helping them achieve their full potential and to develop into future leaders and pioneers.

Starting with only 22 students and one class teacher, Minaret has now grown to cater for more than 2500 students. Minaret College is dear to many within the community; we have a rich history and identity and continue to be guided by our strong vision for the future.

The College Founder

Mr Mohamed Hassan OAM

The late Mr Mohamed Hassan, may Allah bless his soul, was the Founder of Minaret College and served as Principal and Director for 25 years from 1992 to 2016.

Born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1931, he arrived in Australia in 1967 for higher studies after completing a Masters degree in England. A lecturer in electronic engineering, Mr Hassan was very active in community work. As Vice-President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils in the 1970s, he showed rare foresight to help sow the seeds for Islamic Education in Australia. 

His article Unmet needs of Muslim migrants’  was published in Australian Minaret magazine, October 1978. In it he wrote:

“ … Due to the importance of child rearing on the overall development of the individual personality, Islamic preschools, primary and secondary schools are needed.”

In 1980, Mr Hassan served as President of the Islamic Council of Victoria. He was a key founder of Elsedeaq Egyptian Islamic Society and a founder founding member of ISOMER mosque in Lysterfield and the Muslim Teachers Association.

The first Islamic School in Victoria, King Khaled Islamic College, was established in Coburg in 1983. Mohamed Hassan was invited onto the board and served as Chairman for many years.

In 1991, he became aware of the need for an Islamic School in South East Melbourne. Mr Hassan took the brave step of retiring as a lecturer, volunteering full time for over two years to establish the Islamic College of Noble Park, which would later become Minaret College.  The college opened in 1992 with only 22 students, and for the next 25 years,  Mr Hassan served tirelessly as its Director.  With characteristic foresight and devotion to the local community, he oversaw rapid growth and major developments at Minaret College, notably the expansion to Springvale and then Officer campuses.

Mr Hassan was awarded The Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2007 at Government House and lifetime achievement awards by Mission of Hope and the Centre for Islamic Thought & Education.

Mr Hassan retired from Minaret College at the end of 2016, but still participated in College life. He often visited the school and participated in graduations and other events.  In late 2017, he opened the masjid at Springvale campus, a long held dream come true, exactly 50 years after arriving in Australia. Mr Hassan passed away peacefully during his sleep in June 2020, may Allah encompass him with Mercy.

Generations of families have benefited from Mr Hassan’s sincere and tireless community efforts. His personal attributes of patience, gentle manners and deep faith endeared him to all who knew him.

Mr Mohamed Hassan OAM was a true pioneer of Australia’s Muslim Community, which he served sincerely for 50 years. His legacy continues at Minaret College.

A story of Mr Hassan’s life and contribution to the community was published in AMUST. Click here to read more.


College Policies

We are committed to the highest standards of excellence and ethics in all we do. Further, we are firmly grounded in our values, genuine in our dealings and transparent in our approach. The below policies guide our decisions and actions at the College.

Our Team

Executive Team

Mr Mohammed Taksim

Executive Principal

Mrs Susie Hassan

Executive Advisor

Mr Salifu Baba

Executive Strategic Projects

Mr Sead Omerovic

Executive Assessment and Reporting

Mr Omar Marzouk

Head of Springvale Campus

Mr Rashdan Rashid

Head of Officer Campus

Senior Leaders

Dr Ahmad Sujan

Head of Primary School (Springvale)

Mrs Imrana Roomi

Head of Primary School (Officer)

Mrs Fairooza Gaffar

Head of Primary School (Doveton)

Mrs Jamilah Giousoh

Head of Middle School (Officer)

Mr Aguss Hashim

Head of Secondary School (Springvale)

Mr Atif Khan

Head of Senior School (Officer)

Mrs Amna Khan

Head of Literacy (Primary)

Mrs Masouda Keshtiar

Head of Wellbeing (Primary)

Mrs Ayesha Farooq

Head of Compliance

Mrs Nisveta Sehavdic

Head of Student Support Services

Deputies and Specialists

Mrs Yumna Taufeeg

Deputy Head of Primary School (Officer)

Mrs Zahra Amirdeen

Deputy Head of Primary School (Officer)

Mrs Shaakirah Khan

Assistant Head of Primary School (Officer)

Mrs Hasnija Avdic

Deputy Head of Primary School (Springvale)

Mrs Sadet Selmanov

Deputy Head of Primary School (Springvale)

Mrs Jancy Faber-Louis

Assistant Head of Primary School (Springvale)

Ms Semra Kara

Assistant Head of Primary School (Doveton)

Mrs Ogbaad Jama

Deputy Head of Secondary School (Springvale)

Mrs Zoya Ali

Deputy Head of Secondary School (Springvale)

Mr Tarik Nebi

Assistant Head of Secondary School (Springvale)

Mr Moharzaid Bin Ghani

Deputy Head of Secondary School (Officer)

Mrs Jalila Azadzoi

Assistant Head of Secondary School (Officer)

Mrs Najia Popal

Wellbeing Specialist (Springvale)

Mr Bahrudin Efendic

Curriculum Specialist (Springvale)

Mrs Deeba Azadzoi

Wellbeing Specialist (Officer)

Mrs Aminah Giousoh

Curriculum Specialist (Officer)

Employment Opportunities

Primary School Teacher at Doveton

Middle School Science Teacher

Annual Reports

2022 Minaret College Annual Report

Founded in 1992 with the aim of providing a setting for generations of Muslim Australians to grow up knowledgeable in their faith and secure in their identity.

36-38 Lewis Street, Springvale
Victoria 3171
Tel: (+613) 9574 0567
67 Tivendale Road, Officer
Victoria 3809
Tel: (+613) 5943 2058
146 Kidds Road, Doveton
Victoria 3177
Tel: (+613) 9238 4200


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