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Our Approach to Learning

Minaret College’s approach to learning throughout a child’s schooling years is rooted in Islamic values and principles. It nurtures the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of each student.

Schools are dedicated to specific year levels and address the needs of children as they journey through life’s unique development stages. Our curriculum and approach provide opportunities for all students to explore their interests and develop skills, all within a supportive and respectful learning environment.

Early Learning Centre

The Minaret College Early Learning Centre provides an exceptional kinder service for children aged between 3 and 5 years of age. At this age, children are eager learners and possess a natural curiosity about the world around them.

In these years, our focus is on the holistic development of children through play-based learning and diverse forms of expression. Our approach aligns with Islamic values and principles, nurturing physical, social, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing while maximising academic capabilities. Educators support children’s optimal learning using the National Early Years Learning Framework.


Our students’ schooling journey begins here! From the first day of Foundation until the end of Year 6, experiences in Primary School play a formative role in a student’s formal schooling journey.

In the early years from Foundation to Year 3, purposeful learning activities ignite curiosity, harness creativity and inspire a passion for life-long learning. Guided by our supportive and nurturing teachers, our students develop self-confidence as well as a sense of self-mastery and independence.

As our students enter Year 3 and beyond, they have an emerging sense of independence and are ready to explore and understand the world around them. Heightened curiosity creates a deeply inquisitive learner; problem-solving creates opportunities for goal-oriented learning both within and outside the classroom.

With an increasing capacity to view the world from the perspective of others, students explore different opinions and develop more complex conceptual and cognitive skills. Social skills become a means to more meaningful friendships as students make more conscious choices to develop personal interests and passions.

Middle School

Year 7 to Year 9

The Middle School years are a time of change and transition for students from Year 7 and Year 9. Compelled to learn from their own experiences rather than conform to the expectations of others, students challenge themselves and social norms in order to explore and strengthen their self-identity.

While in the past, feedback from parents and teachers may have been sufficient for encouragement and self-confidence, Middle School students become increasingly perceptive of judgement and acceptance from their peers. These changes as well as physical development create an exciting, and often tumultuous time of change for Middle School students and their families.

Senior School

Year 10 to Year 12

The final three years of Senior School are a unique period for students. Excitement builds at the prospect of finishing school, yet overwhelm about the future requires a supportive hand to guide students as they make decisions that will shape their lives for years to come. Students draw on support from those around them, including peers, family and teachers. They overcome challenges, learn from mistakes and embrace each new opportunity.

Shaped by their schooling experiences to date, students emerge with a strong sense of confidence and start to think more critically about their academic strengths and weaknesses. Students make decisions to deepen their knowledge in specific areas of interest. In these final years, we are honoured to see our students flourish as they begin to navigate life as a young adult.

Founded in 1992 with the aim of providing a setting for generations of Muslim Australians to grow up knowledgeable in their faith and secure in their identity.

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