Springvale Campus Drop off and Pick up

Alhamdulillah we’re so pleased to have our Minaret Family back together again.

The following is a reminder for parents/carers regarding Springvale Campus pick up and changes to drop off effective from tomorrow:

Pick up:

  • A reminder that primary students being picked up alone or ONLY with other primary students will be dismissed at 3pm. Pick up is via the main gate only and the pick-up sign must be displayed to enter before 3.30pm.
  • All secondary students and primary students being picked up with secondary students will be dismissed at 3.35pm. Cars will only be able to enter after 3.30pm.

Drop off:

From tomorrow, Lewis st gate will be open under the following conditions:

  • Parents MUST remain in their car when dropping their child/children
  • Cars must only stop in designated parking zones
  • The school crossing must be used to cross Lewis st.
  • School supervision will only start from the school gate (teachers will NOT be outside). We therefore recommend only children who do not require parental supervision to be dropped at this location.
  • Lewis st remains closed to parents/carers – only students will be permitted to enter
  • Younger students or students requiring supervision immediately after leaving the car should continue to be dropped at the main gate where school staff will be ready to escort them safely to class.

Thank you again for your co-operation to support public health requirements while keeping our students safe.