Secondary Curriculum

Secondary students at Minaret College study a varied secular curriculum composed of traditional core subjects infused with Islamic education including Islamic Studies: Qur’an and Sunnah. We believe every child has the right to an individualised education which caters to their specific needs. We maximise the learning opportunities for every learner from Year 7 - 12 and, in the process, deliver excellent outcomes for students.

Our staff are dedicated to developing diverse and engaging teaching approaches tailored to the needs of each individual. The School is committed to equipping students with cutting edge skills and knowledge necessary for them to flourish and become the innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders of the future.

The Middle School Curriculum (Year 7 – 9) is based on the Victorian Curriculum framework plus Islamic Studies including Qur’an and Sunnah, while the Senior School (Year 10 – 12) curriculum is based on the VCE Study Designs supplemented with other programs which reflect student strengths and interests. Teaching methods promote innovative pedagogical practices aimed at mixed ability students. Students are able to choose subjects that are tailored to suit their specific interests from a wide range of options. Minaret College offers a number of studies that are less commonly found in secondary schools including Religion & Society and Texts & Traditions from the Islamic perspective.

For further information regarding the Victorian Curriculum, please visit the VCAA website 

All Secondary School students are encouraged to participate in our co-curricular program which covers an array of sports, debating, clubs and other interest groups. There is something for everyone at Minaret College and if students wish to start up a new club or group, they have the opportunity to do so.

The School Day

We have a strong emphasis on pastoral care and you will find everyone is very friendly. Form assembly is held each day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays (when Middle School General Assembly and Senior School General Assembly are held respectively).

There are 4 periods each day. The canteen is open at Recess and Lunchtime. Students can purchase halal hot food, salads and drinks or bring lunch from home. The students are not allowed to leave the school grounds at lunchtime.

Work Experience Program in Year 10

The Work Experience Program is conducted in Term 3. Year 10 students are responsible for organising a two-week workplace experience of their choice. Through this process they learn job application and interview skills. Work experience gives students valuable information about the world of work and helps them determine their future career path.

Senior School students are expected to provide leadership for the rest of the school. This is done by taking on many leadership positions in the school, from School and Usrah (House) Captains to SRC, clubs and sport. 


Students have an opportunity to attend a yearly camp. This camp is a fantastic opportunity for the students to get to know one another and some of their teachers. The camp is a wonderful experience with a focus on cohesiveness, teamwork and friendship. There are many exciting adventure activities each day.

Parent Information Sessions

Information sessions are held throughout the year. This is an opportunity for parents to meet the coordinators and teachers to discuss any queries or concerns they may have regarding their son/daughter’s progress.

The Secondary School team members work together to look after the wellbeing, behaviour and academic progress of all Year 7 - 12 students. Minaret College is a place of energy, enthusiasm and purpose; we aim to make the students’ time at Minaret enjoyable as well as academically challenging. One of the roles of the Secondary School team is to nurture and support students as they make their transition to Minaret and explore the opportunities that lie ahead of them. Teams of Year Coordinators work together to provide support and advice for all students and to respond to those experiencing difficulties. We encourage parents to work in partnership with us to support the development and progress of the students.

Careers Fast Track

To ensure a successful transition out of school, our team of Careers Counselors works with every Year 12 student to help them plan and prepare for tertiary courses. To help the students consider their prospective career path, the Careers Coordinators organise extensive careers counseling for them. The students complete a career interest test and an interview with a trained careers counselor in order to determine their occupational preferences.