Eid Mubarak - Stay Safe!

We hope our Minaret Family have all had an enjoyable day creating special Eid memories within each household. Alhamdulillah we are blessed with technology to keep connected with those we miss, whether they be down the street or across the world. Just as we miss all our students being at school, especially on these special days, so many of us are missing the physical presence of our extended families and loved ones. But Alhamdulillah our connection as a community is still strong. 

As positive cases are still high locally, we encourage all in the community to keep safe by staying at home. We ask that Allah (swt) protect those who continue to treat the sick or provide essential services during these difficult times. As a community, we appreciate their efforts and show our gratitude by staying safe at home. Staying physically apart keeps us together! 

If your family would like current information in a language other than English, please check the following website - https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/translated-resources-coronavirus-disease-covid-19