Senior School

Staff in Senior School strive to improve our students’ academic potential, leadership, Islamic character, career aspirations and well-being. With significant success, our students’ enrolment has grown tremendously in the past few years, demonstrating the community’s trust in Minaret as an excellent educational provider.

The Senior School consists of students from Years 10 to 12. At each year level, there is a coordinator who oversees individual student’s development and progress.

Academically, Minaret College offers Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), which has enabled us to fulfil the educational needs of our students.

Year 10 students are encouraged to select two VCE subjects (Units 1 and 2) providing early exposure to VCE. Two VCE subjects (Religion & Society and Texts and Traditions) offer extended Islamic knowledge and understanding.  

In Year 11 students normally take one Year 12 subject to experience Units 3 and 4 and spread their study load over a period of two years.

Year 12 students have been performing very well, evident by the number of tertiary places offered to VCE graduates. For example, 97% of the 2015 graduates were offered a place at a tertiary institution by VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre).

Each year, Senior students have been recognised by the University of Melbourne by participating in the Kwong Lee Dow young scholars program, receiving annual VCE Dux awards, VCE Subject excellence awards and Human Appeal International VCE Awards.

A mentoring program is conducted in partnership with Monash University and many alumni of Minaret College provide a network of support to the current Year 12 students.

Senior students regularly receive professional career advice from Career counsellors. Year 10 students undertake a two-week work-experience training with employers to deepen their career understanding and experience.

Our students’ leadership skills have been recognised by multiple organisations, such as the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Victorian Students’ Representative Council (SRC), Youth Victoria (YAC) and Caltex.

Senior students also run Islamic study circles (halaqah), deliver Friday sermons (khutbah) during Jumaah prayers, present Islamic topics during form group meetings and weekly assemblies. They participate in the Inter-Faith Building Bridges Program with students of Christian and Jewish backgrounds of other Colleges.

All in all, Senior School provides an excellent education, ensuring successful integration of our young adults into society. We guide our students to become respected and proud Australian Muslims, Insha-Allah.