There are many events, activities and achievements in the life of Minaret College each year.  We actively acknowledge and celebrate College news & events and, in turn, archive these as part of our school’s history.

Minaret News & Activities

  • Executive Principal Letter to Families & Carers

    Families will today receive a letter via the eldest child enrolled at the College. The letter makes a special request to our families and provides some important updates. Read More

  • Minaret College Open Day – You’re invited!

    Minaret College would like to invite all members of the community to our upcoming Open Day on Saturday 26 October starting at 10am. Read More

  • Minaret ELC Book Character Dress Up (Springvale)

    Minaret ELC celebrated book week through character dress up to encourage the passion for reading. Children and teachers came to the ELC dressed up as their favourite book character and with the storybook. Read More

  • Primary School Fundraising Project (Springvale)

    Recently our Primary School Students initiated a fundraising project to support the Myanmar Community and to build water wells in less advantaged countries. Alhamdulillah our students collected $3,586. Read More

  • Enrol at MINARET COLLEGE for 2020

    Minaret College is now accepting applications for next year from Foundation to year 12 at both Springvale and Officer Campus. Read More

  • Interim Committee Members of MCAA

    After a successful inauguration of the Minaret College Alumni Association (MCAA), we are pleased to introduce the MCAA Interim Committee Members. Read More

  • VicSRC Congress 2019

    From 9-11 July, three of our senior students participated in the VicSRC Congress 2019 at the University of Melbourne. Read More

  • Junior Primary Welcome Ramadan (Springvale)

    Junior Primary students welcomed Ramadan through performances in the Multi-Purpose Hall and taking home dates to share with their family Read More

  • Crescent Wealth Eid @ Luna Park 2019

    Minaret College is excited to be partnering with Crescent Wealth to help enable one of the most exciting days for the Muslim community this year! After the blessings and toil of Ramadan, give your family or friends a day they will NOT forget. Read More

  • Letters to Parents / Guardians - Eid Mubarak

    Campus-specific letters have been distributed to parents and carers confirming that Eid Prayer will be held at Springvale Campus on Wednesday 5 June starting at 8 am Insha Allah. Read More

  • End-of-Semester Exams

    Semester 1 exams for Secondary School will commence mid-June. Years 9, 10 & 11 will be held from 13th – 19th June and Year 7 & 8 from 20th – 26th June. Read More

  • Pre-Ramadan Camp (Officer)

    Year 6 & 7 students attended a 2 day Pre Ramadan Camp which included informative sessions and activities to assist students in their preparation for Ramadan. Read More

  • Gumbuya World Program (Officer)

    Victoria Police organised a program at Gumbuya World for our Year 8 to 11 students in order to build a positive relationship between the Police and young adults. Read More

  • Canberra Camp for Year 7 & 8

    Year 7 & 8 students visited the National Capital of Canberra. The camp focussed on Civics & Citizenship and included tours of Parliament House and the Electoral Education Centre. Read More

  • Letter to Parents / Guardians

    A letter is being sent to parents/guardians to communicate important dates and information for Eid al-Fitr. Read More

  • Letter from Executive Principal

    A letter has been sent to all parents/guardians in relation to the upcoming Ramadan, advising of adjusted school hours and times of Taraweeh Prayers at both campuses. Read More

  • Students’ Wellbeing (Officer)

    There have been a number of activities & events to assist students’ wellbeing at Officer Campus over the past couple of months. Read More

  • Trees Adventure: Year 10 (Springvale)

    Year 10 students went to Trees Adventure on the last day of Term 1. The excursion was a momentous occasion for all - in celebration of a successful term. Read More

  • Year 10 RoadSmart Program (Officer)

    On April 2nd, Year 10 students attended a RoadSmart education session about driving and road safety. Read More

  • Cyberbullying and Cyber-Safety Awareness (Springvale)

    Members of the Australian Federal Police visited the College to give an important presentation to our Primary students about the implications of Cyberbullying and how to stay protected online. Read More

  • Access Monash Mentor Program (Springvale)

    The Access Monash Mentor Program by Monash University commenced on Monday 18th March with 22 students from Year 11 & 12 participating. Read More

  • Two New Uniform Items – Winter Jacket & Blazer

    There are two new uniform items now available from the uniform shop. These are for secondary students. The uniform items are: winter jacket and blazer. Read More

  • Senior School Halaqah (Officer)

    Senior School students at Officer Campus gather each Thursday & Friday for spiritual reminders and to seek answers to some of their questions. Read More

  • Letter from the Executive Principal

    A letter is being sent to parents / guardians to communicate important information in the lead up to Term 2, 2019. Read More

  • Student Leaders Conference (Officer)

    Primary student leaders from Officer Campus attended the Student Leaders Conference planning session at Cardinia Shire Council’s offices. Read More

  • Vacancies for Early Learning Centre (Springvale)

    There are a limited number of vacancies for 3 year old children at the Early Learning Centre of Minaret College - Springvale Campus. Read More

  • VCE Peer Tutoring Program (Officer)

    VCE students are proud to be part of the VCE Peer Tutoring program, an initiative connecting students with peers through student-led tutoring and mentorship. Read More

  • Reminder of Term Dates - 2019

    A letter has been sent to Parents / Guardians as a reminder of Term Dates for 2019. Read More

  • Testing Out Their Senses (Springvale)

    Foundation students participated in a hands-on science incursion about the five senses. Students learnt how the five senses work and how they help us. Read More

  • Learning & Performing Zhuhr Prayers (Springvale)

    As part of their learning experience for performing Zhuhr prayers at school, Year 2 students were excited at the opportunity of performing prayers in the Place of Assembly. Read More

  • Yr 12 Motivation Workshop (Springvale)

    A motivation workshop was held for our Year 12 students on February 27th at Springvale Campus. Read More

  • History in a Box (Springvale)

    Year 1 students recently participated in the “History in a Box” incursion. This incursion helped students experience and observe the differences in schools, technology and clothes from past history. Read More

  • Letter from Executive Principal

    On Monday 18th March the Executive Principal Mohammed Taksim wrote to parents detailing the measures Minaret College already has in place in light of events at Christchurch on Friday. Read More

  • College Founder Tours the New VCE Centre (Officer)

    The Founder of the College, Mr Mohamed Hassan OAM, made a courtesy visit to Officer Campus where he was taken on a tour through areas of the new VCE Centre. Read More

  • Students’ Voice Infused (Officer)

    Students from Years 5 & 6 were given the opportunity to have their say in choosing Primary School Captains & Vice-Captains for 2019. Read More

  • Students Win Prizes in Local Competition (Springvale)

    Two Minaret College students participated in the Summer Reading Club’s Curious Creatures Competition and won prizes in both the quiz & reading sections. Read More

  • Year 2 Students Commence Zuhur Prayers (Officer)

    Year 2 students at Officer Campus commenced their Zuhur prayers at school from the beginning of week 3. Read More

  • Letter from Executive Principal

    A letter is being sent to all parents/guardians from the Executive Principal. The letter seeks to update information of student’s details, including residential address. Read More

  • Parents/Guardians - Meet & Greet

    Parents/Guardians Meet & Greet was a new initiative at Minaret College this year. The occasion was held at both campuses prior to the commencement of the school year. Read More

  • First Day of Foundation (Springvale)

    Foundation students began their first day at Minaret College on Wednesday 30th January. Parents were invited to stay for a special assembly before students headed off to class. Read More

  • First Friday Prayers (Officer)

    The first Friday Prayers for 2019 was held on Friday 1st February. This was a combined gathering of Primary and Secondary School and held on the College Oval. Read More

  • Students Win SRC Awards

    Minaret College won a number of awards at the 2018 National SRC Awards Night organised by the Australian Muslim Youth Leadership Association. Read More

  • Letter to Parents / Guardians

    A letter is being sent to parents / guardians from the Executive Principal, Mr Mohammed Taksim. The letter communicates new and positive developments at the College for 2019 and beyond. Read More

  • Year 12 Graduation (Officer)

    Year 12 Graduation for Officer Campus was held on Sunday 25th November. College management & staff, along with parents/guardians, enjoyed the graduation of 21 students from Officer Campus. Read More

  • Year 6 Graduation (Springvale)

    Year 6 Graduation for students of Springvale Campus was held on Wednesday 30th November. The event was a Year 6 celebration and all students were presented with a Graduation certificate. Read More

  • Year 2 Special End-of-Year Assembly (Springvale)

    The End-of-Year Special Assembly for Junior Primary School highlights Year 2 students as they make their way into Senior Primary for 2019. Read More

  • Year 6 Graduation (Officer)

    Year 6 Graduation for Officer Campus was held on Friday 30th November. Certificates & awards were presented along with a number of speeches, performances & compiled video clips. Read More

  • School Bus Services for 2019

    The school provides bus services through OTOBUS. If families require the bus service for next year, please submit your application online before Friday 14 December 2018. Read More

  • Foundation Transition Program (Springvale)

    As part of the Foundation Transition Program, Foundation students were delighted to be joined by our young visitors from Kindergarten for a special session presented by Springvale Library. Read More

  • Middle School Exam Timetables

    Minaret College Middle School – at Springvale & Officer Campuses – will be holding their exams from Friday 23rd November until Thursday 29th November. Read More

  • Your Choice, Our Future (Officer)

    On 25th October, seven Officer Campus Year 9 students participated in a video conference with other schools on the topic of Australia’s Islamic Relations. Read More

  • Secondhand Book Sale – Springvale & Officer

    Minaret College in partnership with Lilydale Books will be holding a secondhand book sale at both campuses. Read More

  • Senior School Exam Timetables

    Minaret College Senior School, Springvale & Officer Campuses, will be holding their exams from Thursday 8th November until Friday 16th November. Read More

  • The Weather Around Us (Officer)

    In Term 3, Foundation students from Officer Campus went on an excursion to Scienceworks to enhance their learning about “Weather Around Us”. Read More

  • Middle School Elections (Springvale)

    Middle School Elections were recently held at Springvale Campus. Candidates made speeches to the whole of Middle School and students then voted using an Electronic Voting System. Read More

  • Farewell to Year 12 (Officer Campus)

    Last week Secondary School staff and students came together in a Final Assembly to farewell our Year 12 students, which was followed by a special lunch with their teachers. Read More

  • Senior School Leadership Elections (Springvale)

    Senior School held their elections for student leadership positions in 2019. Read More

  • Year 4 Camp (Springvale)

    Year 4 students embarked on a two day camp at "Anglesea Valley Lodge". The children enjoyed many activities such as archery, rock climbing, rope course and bike riding. Read More

  • Cybersafety - Yr 4 to Yr 6 Students (Officer)

    A Cybersafety session was presented by the Australian Federal Police to students & parents of Years 4 – 6 students at Officer Campus Read More

  • Bottle Caps Project (Springvale)

    The Earth Day theme for 2018 is “End Plastic Pollution”. In a bid to support the global effort of eliminating single-use plastics, the Minaret College community participated in a ‘Bottle Caps Project’. Read More

  • Whole School Jummah Prayer (Officer)

    A whole school Jummah was conducted on the oval at Officer Campus to mark the end of Term 3. Read More

  • Past Graduate Shares Her Insight (Springvale)

    Tamana Geyasi, Minaret College graduate from 2016, shared her experience & insight about sitting the VCE Texts & Traditions exam with students undertaking Unit 3 & 4 VCE. Read More

  • Building Harmony – Literacy Day (Officer)

    Year 6 students at Officer Campus participated in the third Building Harmony event for 2018. Read More

  • Letter to Parents / Guardians

    A letter is being sent to parents / guardians to report on the College’s progress and to share information on new developments as we move forward. Read More

  • Literacy and Numeracy Week

    Students delighted themselves in Literacy and Numeracy Week celebrations. To foster a love of reading, students and teachers were invited to dress up as their favourite book character. Read More

  • Foundation Transition Day (Officer)

    Officer Campus held a successful Transition Day for prospective Foundation students on August 16th. Read More

  • Year 7 Parent Information Night (Springvale)

    The Year 7 Parent Information Night provided parents and guardians with an insight into the transition process involving students from Primary to Secondary School. Read More

  • Workshops Organised by Richmond Football Club (Officer)

    Students from Year 6 participated in two separate day-long workshops organised by players from AFL club, Richmond. Read More

  • Think Before You Drink (Officer)

    In the Early Learning Centre, we arranged an activity to encourage children to make healthy choices when drinking flavoured refreshments. Read More

  • Monash Champions Program (Officer)

    On August 30th, students of Year 9 and 10 from the Monash Champions Program presented their projects to their fellow students. Read More

  • Inter-Usrah Spoken Word Poetry Competition (Springvale)

    An Inter-Usrah Spoken Word Poetry Competition was held for Middle School students of Springvale Campus. Nahili Jemal Harun of 9B won the competition. Read More

  • The Maths Show (Springvale)

    The Maths Show, an incursion about Maths, was run over two days for Foundation to Year 6 at Springvale Campus. Read More

  • Science Week – Taskworks (Springvale)

    As part of Science Week, Year 4 students were treated to a Taskworks Incursion on the topic of ‘Forces’. Read More

  • Year 1 Mini-Beasts Incursion (Officer)

    As part of their Inquiry Topic, Year 1 students participated in an exciting visit by Labcoat Learning, who brought with them a range of amazing insects & other mini-beasts. Read More

  • STEM Learning (Officer)

    As part of STEM learning, Yr 6 students at Officer created a solar oven from a shoe box. The students built and tested their model by following the engineering design process. Read More

  • Celebration of Book Week (Springvale)

    The theme for this year’s Annual National Book Week was “Find Your Treasure”. The library mounted some impressive displays and also organised a range activities for students. Read More

  • Students Invited as Audience of Q & A

    Year 11 and 12 students were invited to be part of the audience for the ABCTV program Q & A - Australia’s leading current affair program. Read More

  • Respectful Relationships – A Collaboration (Officer)

    The Deputy Head of Middle School (Br Djimaleh Ainan) and Primary Well-Being and Pastoral Care Specialist (Ms Parveen Jahan) visited Pakenham Lakeside Primary School as part of the Respectful Relationships program. Read More

  • Access Monash Program (Springvale)

    A group of Year 9 students led a special assembly outlining information they had gleaned from the Access Monash Program. Read More

  • Reasons for Seasons (Springvale)

    Foundation students had a wonderful opportunity to engage in hands-on science experiments when scientists from “Science for Pre-Schoolers” visited. Read More

  • WHISE Program for Senior Students (Springvale)

    Keeping in mind the vision of the school in creating well informed active Australian Muslims, Senior students of Minaret College Springvale Campus are engaged in an extensive program in collaboration with WHISE. Read More

  • Information Session – Parents of students in E.L.C (Officer)

    Minaret College’s Early Learning Centre at Officer Campus had a parent information session for our prospective Foundation students starting in 2019. Read More

  • Letter to Parents / Guardians

    A letter has been sent to parents / guardians providing information about dates & times for the upcoming celebrations and College closure for Eid al Adha. Read More

  • Executive Principal Addresses Year 12 Students (Springvale)

    The Executive Principal, Mohammed Taksim, took the opportunity to address the Year 12 students as they head towards the remainder of their final year of Secondary schooling. Read More

  • Mt Buller Trip (Officer)

    On August 1st, Year 10 and 11 students of Officer Campus spent an enjoyable day in the snow at Mt Buller. Read More

  • Australian Federal Police – Cyber-Safety (Springvale)

    On Monday August 6th, the Australian Federal Police visited Minaret College Springvale to speak with students from Year 2 to Year 9 and to educate them on cyber-safety. Read More

  • VCE Information Night (Officer)

    VCE Information Night was held at Officer Campus on Monday 30th July. The occasion was designed to assist parents and their students of Yr 9 - Yr 11. Read More

  • Westpac Rescue Helicopter Visits (Springvale)

    Through the generosity of Westpac Bank, Minaret College received a flying visit from the Westpac Rescue Helicopter. Primary School students watched as the helicopter circled the school and landed. Read More

  • School Captain Elections (Officer)

    On 23rd July, seven Year 11 students delivered one-minute speeches to Secondary School students as part of their campaign to run for School Captaincy 2019 at Officer Campus. Read More

  • Inter-School Debating (Officer)

    This year, several Year 10 and 11 students partook in the annual Victorian Debaters Association inter-school debating competition. Read More

  • VicSRC Congress Camp

    Six students from Minaret College attended the Vic Congress Camp held during Term 2 holidays at Ormond College, University of Melbourne. Read More

  • Eid Card of Good Wishes (Springvale)

    Year 6 student leaders presented the Executive Principal and Head of Campus with a special Eid card of good wishes and signatures. Read More

  • Building Harmony Track & Field Sports (Officer)

    Year 6 Officer students participated in a Track & Field sports carnival organised by Windermere Community Services as part of the Building Harmony Program. Read More

  • Early Learning Centre Students Create Beautiful Mosque Model (Officer)

    Students in in the Early Learning Centre at Officer Campus helped to create a beautiful model of a mosque. Read More

  • Children Learn to Recycle & Minimize Waste (Springvale)

    The Pre-School students of Minaret College (Springvale) had an interactive session to learn about recycling & minimizing waste. This was run through the City of Greater Dandenong. Read More

  • Letter to Parents / Guardians

    A letter is being sent to parents / guardians to communicate important information for Eid and End of Term. Read More

  • G.A.T. VCE Exam 2018

    A record number of Minaret College students sat the VCE G.A.T. Exam on Wednesday 13th June. A combined number of 200 students from Springvale & Officer undertook the G.A.T. Read More

  • Year 12 Iftar (Officer)

    Year 12 students from Officer Campus took the initiative to organise and host an Iftar at school, where students, families & teachers attended. Read More

  • Fundraising for Syria (Springvale)

    The ‘Be the Change’ committee organised a fundraiser with the help of the Australian Syrian Association Victoria. 100% of the funds went towards Syrian refugees facing crisis. Read More

  • Student Leaders meet Parliamentarian (Officer)

    A Student Leaders Lunch was hosted by Mr Brad Battin MP, State Member of Parliament, on Thursday 17th May at Akoonah Park Centre, Berwick. Read More