Middle School

The Year 7 - 9 Curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum framework plus Islamic Studies including Qur’an. For any further information regarding the Victorian Curriculum, please visit the VCAA website http://victoriancurriculum.vcaa.vic.edu.au/

Co-Curricular Program

All Middle School students are encouraged to participate in our co-curricular program which covers an array of sports, debating, clubs and other interest groups. There is something for everyone at Minaret College and if students wish to start up a new club or group, they have the opportunity to do so.

Year 7 Transitions / Orientation Day

Orientation Day is held in late Term 3. This is an opportunity for students to meet others who will be in their form the following year as well as some of their teachers and to learn about the extensive co-curricular program.

The School Day

We have a strong emphasis on pastoral care and you will find everyone is very friendly. Form assembly is held each day except Tuesday when students attend Middle School General Assembly. The form teacher, who is also one of the classroom teachers, takes great care of the students. Form assembly is a time to hand out important information, mark the roll and check uniform. Each form elects a Form Captain, an SRC representative who will raise important school issues on a regular basis. 

Middle School Camps

Middle School students have an opportunity to attend a yearly camp. This camp is a fantastic opportunity for the students to get to know one another and some of their teachers. The camp is a wonderful experience with a focus on cohesiveness, teamwork and friendship. There are many exciting adventure activities each day.

Middle School Parent Information Session

To further help with transition, we have an information session early in the new year. This is an opportunity for parents to meet the Coordinators and discuss any queries or concerns they may have regarding their son/daughter’s progress.

Middle School Team

The Middle School team works together to look after the wellbeing, behaviour and academic progress of all Year 7 - 9 students. Minaret College is a place of energy, enthusiasm and purpose; we aim to make the students’ time at Minaret enjoyable as well as academically challenging. The role of Middle School is to nurture and support students as they make their transition to Minaret and explore the opportunities that lie ahead of them. Teams of Year Coordinators work together to provide support and advice for all students and to respond to any who are experiencing difficulties. We encourage parents to work in partnership with us to support the development and progress of the students.