Early Learning Centre

Minaret Preschool and Early Learning Centres are located in Springvale and Officer campuses. They provide a quality educational program for children from 3 to 5 years of age. We foster strong collaborative partnerships with families to build individualised programs that are flexible to the needs of each child and respect the values of all families. The curriculum is enriched with Islamic teaching and learning. Our Preschool is a cultural hub with families from 13 different countries of origin and staff from 6 different cultures.

Children learn through play when they are provided with experiences and opportunities that foster their own natural curiosity, enjoyment and confidence. We believe children need the opportunity to express themselves in a wide variety of ways, through drawing, painting, construction, dramatic play and more. Our objective is to provide positive opportunities for child development as children are supported by Educators to meet their optimum learning capacity through the use of the National Early Years Learning Framework. 

Our program is based on an emergent curriculum and pedagogical method fostering critical thinking that aims to capture the child, the family and the educator’s voice throughout our programs. We offer a flexible routine and indoor/outdoor program to ensure children’s interests are at the forefront of our educational program. We work with parents through a variety of programs to reaffirm the role of parents as teachers first. The bond between the school and the home forms the bridge to a child’s learning journey. Home and family are the child’s first educators and we value the part we can play in extending that learning. We consider communication with our families to be an important factor in building this partnership.

Our practices are based on the understanding that learning is a lifelong process. We believe that every child brings with them their own unique history. They bring their own unique set of values, experiences and passions. The programs are enhanced through the wider resources and facilities of the School. Children are central in our community. We believe that play forms the basis of learning in the early years, and it is through play-based and adult-guided enquiry that children develop the vital skills of social connection, intellectual growth, emotional strength and a sense of personal wellbeing. Ours is a culture that values children and encourages positive dispositions for learning.

To submit an application for enrolment to ELC, please print and complete our ELC enrolment form. Completed forms can be submitted at the ELC.