Minaret College has established an impressive reputation and track record for academic excellence and as such it has become the College of choice for many Muslim families in the South East region of Melbourne. We believe that Minaret College is a College of the future educating future Muslim leaders today.

The curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum but it is infused with Islamic values. We aim to impart knowledge and skills to our students by keeping in line with the principles of Islamic education and pedagogy. In our curriculum, we would like to keep true to the Qur’anic view of the world and our beings according to the natural disposition (fitrah) that Allah created us.

The curriculum at Minaret College is based on innovation and modern teaching practices. Learning is most effective when the College works in partnership with parents and students and when the growth and development of the whole person is a priority in guiding practice. There is an emphasis on how teaching relates to the child, with the explicit instruction approach to literacy, numeracy and Islamic values.The on-going development of the College and its unique curriculum constitutes an exciting initiative with the infusion of Islamic values in the secular education of Australia. Minaret College has worked very hard to put Islamic education on the Victorian Certificate of Education curriculum.

A distinguishing feature of Minaret College’s approach to quality teaching is to provide an ongoing professional development for all teaching staff. This is very important. Research indicates that the biggest influence on your child’s learning outcome is the quality of the teachers and their teaching practice. 

Information and Communications Technology skills are developed progressively from Foundation to Year 10. Computer access is available via multiple laboratories at all teaching sites, computers in the classrooms, mini-labs, portable laptops and iPads.

The College takes part in international competitions as well as the NAPLAN test at both primary and secondary levels and our students’ results show that their standard is above the national average. Moreover, our students are excelling in national and international competitions including English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Geography and Debating.

The College is also playing a leading role in fostering the understanding of Islam in the south-eastern region of Melbourne through its interfaith dialogue programs.