Exciting News: Eid Prayers – Springvale AND Officer

We are excited to share that from this upcoming Eid, in addition to prayers at Springvale campus, Minaret College will also now host prayers at Officer Campus.

  • Springvale Campus prayer date will continue to be aligned to the date announced by the Board of Imams Victoria.
  • Officer Campus prayer date will be determined by local moonsighting announced by https://moonsightingaustralia.info

We believe this approach reflects our intention to serve the needs of local Muslims; acknowledging that within the Quran and Sunnah there can be a diversity of views on such matters Alhamdulillah   

Prayers at both campuses will be at 8.15am and COVIDSafe behaviours are expected including 1.5m physical distancing and registering contact details on arrival.

Whichever day you celebrate Eid we hope you will join us at Minaret College InshaAllah.

Note: All three campuses will be closed from the day the first amongst the community declare Eid. This means that if one group declares Eid on Thursday and the other on Friday, all three campuses will be closed for three days starting on Thursday.

Click here to view the letter from our Executive Principal.