Food for Thought (Officer Campus)

In Connections, Years 8 students at Officer Campus have been focusing on the topic ‘Food For Thought’.  Their task was to come up with a menu consisting of two meals with a budget of $10 for three people.

To buy and make the food, students had opportunity of going to the Dandenong Market and onto Springvale Campus for cooking. Groups also filmed and created a video of their experience to accompany their meal. 

Students commented “This experience really challenged our skills; whether it was improvising with our ingredients, contributing to our groups or even the act of cooking the food. Overall, this was a huge success and an experience we will never forget.”

Electronic Newsletter

 The College produces a number of E-Newsletters each year.  Each publication provides relevant information for the whole school and highlights activities and events at both Springvale & Officer Campuses.

All areas of the school are included: incorporating Pre-School through to Year 12.

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