Springvale Master Plan

Vision for Master Plan

The Minaret College Springvale Campus Master Plan is an inspiring, long term vision for the campus and a plan to guide future capital investment.  It aligns with the school’s strategic planning and will be a basis for future design and development for both campuses.

School Community

In 2015, campus accommodates 1300 students and 160 staff. The school is located in an already established suburb of Springvale close to the train station. 

While the student population profile currently is migrants, students have a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and speak over 30 different languages at home. The largest groups of non-Australian born students come from Afghanistan. 

Future Design Directions

Master planning will provide inspirational learning hubs, connected by informal meeting places for staff and students and overall welcoming vibrant spaces with flexibility enshrined in the design. The principles underpinning the campus vision for master planning includes; flexibility, collaborative, student centred learning and teaching, creativity, efficient and sustainable design and operations leaving a legacy for future generations.

These principles have been translated into a number of design moves which includes:

  • Establishing flexible, connected learning hubs;
  • Provision of multiple indoor and outdoor gathering spaces for large and small groups;
  • Safety, security and comfortable pedestrian access;
  • Limit mini bus access to the campus and to separate cars and students;
  • Ample shade and shelter;
  • Provision of a strong pedestrian network for the campus;
  • Maximise use of natural water course way to encourage natural habitats and student learnings and connections with nature;
  • Provide a greater number and variety of external learning spaces.