Middle School

Middle School at Minaret College

The vision of Middle school (Years 7-9) is to establish and maintain a positive and nurturing environment for our students that empowers them to reach their full potential. It is our hope to lay within them the foundations to become a citizen that will make a positive contribution towards local and global communities.

Specifically, we believe that this can be achieved by assisting students to develop in five areas: 

(1)  Academic results; so that students develop knowledge and understanding within their various subjects. This can be achieved by establishing an engaging learning environment which inculcates within students a desire to learn, critical thinking skills and a strong work ethic;

(2)  Manners, character and behaviour; so that students are courteous, honest, ethical, punctual, socially responsible and are well liked and respected by the people with whom they interact;

(3)  Islamic identity; so that the students develop a spiritual connection to Allah (swt) and endeavour to please Him in all their actions. This can be achieved by attaining knowledge and understanding of the practical and balanced manner for implementing Islam into their daily lives;

(4)  Leadership skills: so that students are able to become individuals who are an example to others and have a positive effect upon those around them. This can be achieved by providing students with a myriad of opportunities to develop their leadership skills; and 

(5)  Welfare and wellbeing: We realise that students cannot develop in an environment where they are not happy, or they do not feel safe.  Therefore, one of our highest priorities is the prevention of bullying within school and online among students.

It is our objective to achieve this vision by building a strong relationship between our passionate team of teachers and students that is based upon guidance, care, discipline and respect.

Alongside our efforts, we seek Allah’s (swt) assistance to guide all our students, and inspire them with the motivation and commitment necessary to achieve this lofty vision.