Junior Primary School

The Junior Primary School offers educational programs to children from Foundation to Year 2, in an excellent learning environment. Our environment is bright, cheerful and stimulating and offers our children state-of-the-art facilities with well-resourced classrooms and outdoor spaces.  Our core business is to create a love of learning, in a dynamic and innovative environment that provides all of our students with a range of opportunities for success and self-discovery. As a school we believe very much in enabling children with opportunities to learn through first hand practical experiences which are meaningful and most of all, fun!

The Junior Primary Team is indeed fortunate to have the youngest members of the Minaret family entrusted to us. Starting school is one of the biggest events in a child’s life - a big step on the journey towards achieving academic and personal excellence. The Foundation Transition Program ensures a smooth transition from Kinder to school. With our encouragement and support, it can be the best start for an exciting and happy journey into the future.

As an Islamic school, we strive to inculcate the teachings of Islam to our students from the early stages by integrating Islamic education in all areas of the curriculum.

Children learn from birth and their learning and development at each stage of life forms the foundation for lifelong learning. Today’s education goes far beyond intellectual growth; it involves the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of children. To ensure the overall development of the child, we provide a safe, secure and supportive learning environment. We place great emphasis on our students acquiring essential skills throughout the Foundation to Year 2 programs. Extra-curricular activities organised throughout the year are highlights for our children. Sports, athletics, fostering leadership qualities and developing budding talents form an integral part of education.

The Junior Primary staff foster the acquisition of knowledge and nurture the talents of the students entrusted to them with dedication and commitment, thus enabling the students to learn, grow and become socially confident and responsible young Muslim Australians Insha-Allah!