Senior Primary

Throughout their Senior Primary years, children at Minaret College follow Inquiry-Based Learning. This approach aims to develop students who are inquiring, knowledgeable and caring.  Teachers guide students in academic pursuits as well as in the development of students who will take action and find their own passion for learning.

The Victorian Curriculum includes eight learning areas and four capabilities. Teachers are required to report student learning progress in each of the eight learning areas and four capabilities. 

Mathematics (Years 3 – 6) emphasizes the importance of students studying coherent, meaningful and purposeful mathematics that is relevant to their lives. Students are exposed to experiences that allow them to construct key mathematical ideas, but also gradually move to using models, pictures and symbols to represent these ideas.

Teachers also use the achievement standards, at the end of a period of teaching, to make balanced judgments about the quality of learning demonstrated by the students – that is, whether they have achieved below, at, or above the standard. These judgments about the quality of learning are one source of feedback to students and their parents and inform formal reporting processes.

The school uses Students Portfolios to collect work samples that illustrate efforts, progress and achievement. These portfolios are given out to students and parents at the end of Term 1 & 3.  The school provides two written reports at the end of each semester to inform parents/carers, reporting on all learning areas of the curriculum.

The school's incursion and excursion program enables students to further their learning by complementing classroom lessons with experts and resources from outside the immediate school community.  Students will have the opportunity to attend these programs every term in the school year.  

Team Planning is a major aspect in the curriculum. The Year Level teachers are dedicated to achieving common goals through constant planning and discussions that affect student learning and development.