Junior Primary

From Foundation to Year 2, students are provided with a range of activities and experiences that help students progress in their development and learning.  The Junior Primary School Curriculum is organised into the core areas of English, Mathematics, Integrated Studies, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Qur’an, Physical Education and Library.

Integration of Islamic principles and values inside and outside the classroom is embedded in Early Years. Through Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Qur’an, students are able to incorporate the values, attributes, and behavior of Islamic teachings into their daily lives.

When children begin in the Foundation Level, they are enveloped in Play-Based Learning. This philosophy enables children to learn through experiences which are carefully guided by the teacher.

In early years, teachers use assessment practices to support their teaching and learning. The information is gathered through techniques such as observations, annotated samples, screens, work samples, portfolios and running records. The information is then be used to extend learning, provide feedback and make judgments about student’s learning.

The Brigance screen is used in the Foundation years to help teachers with planning, grouping of students and identifying students who require support or need to be referred for a more comprehensive evaluation. 

The early years provide a variety of support and intervention programs for students who require additional support with their learning. The programs include Levelled Literacy Intervention (LLI), Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU), New Arrivals Program and Oral Language Program.