Counselling at Minaret College 

The Minaret College counselling services model is comprehensive in scope, preventive in design, and developmental in nature. The Minaret College counselling program reflects a comprehensive approach that begins with a foundation, upon which delivery, management, and accountability systems are integrated. It is designed to enable all students to receive counselling benefits.

Comprehensive in Scope

The counselling program focuses on what all students, from Foundation through to Year 12, should know, understand, and be able to do in three domains of student development: academic, career, and personal/social. The emphasis is on academic success for every student, not just those students who are motivated, supported, and ready to learn. The school's counselling program was designed to help all students achieve success in school and develop into positive contributing members of our Australian society.

Preventive in Design

The purpose of the school counselling program is to impart specific skills and learning opportunities in a proactive, preventive manner, ensuring all students can achieve school success through academic, career, and personal/social development experiences. Therefore, the school counsellor’s duties are geared towards prevention education which is best accomplished through the implementation of a guidance curriculum in the classroom and through coordination of prevention education programs such as the bullying (cyber), conflict resolution and anti-violence programs.

Developmental in Nature

Minaret College Counselling Program is designed to meet the needs of students throughout various developmental stages. The role of the counselling program is to enhance student learning. It focuses on what students should know and be able to do as a result of participating in a school counselling program.

Counselling Standards:

  1. The counselling program is an integral component of the academic mission of the school;
  2. The program ensures equitable access to school counselling services that are provided by our department;
  3. It identifies the knowledge and skills that all students might acquire as a result of the F-12 school counselling program;
  4. It also ensures the school counselling program is inclusive and delivers systematically to all students.