Bus Services

In a bid to assist parents/guardians with their transportation needs, Minaret College works in partnership with Otobus, an accredited bus operator which specialises in private school-bus services that runs a dedicated door-to-door morning and afternoon school-bus service, enabling our students access to and from our college.

Otobus operates across Victoria and New South Wales, and their attention to detail and focus on the safety of the students they transport have enabled them in being industry-specialists and leaders within the community for over 21 years.

Should parents/guardians require bus services to transport their child/children to and from school, they must register their interest by visiting www.otobus.com.au/minaretcollege, or may call 1300 OTOBUS (1300 686 287) for further information.

All information relating to bus fees must be directed to Minaret College email: accounts@minaret.vic.edu.au

Government Conveyance Grant - Only students from Officer Campus are eligible for the Government Conveyance Grant.  A conveyance allowance is provided to a student on the basis of individual eligibility.  Parents must fill the Conveyance Allowance Application Form annually and they must notify the school within seven (7) days if their residential or travel circumstances change during the year.