Breakfast Club (Officer)

Breakfast Club at Officer Campus is a welcoming place for students to mingle and form friendships with others.

Breakfast Club Volunteer writes:  “Breakfast Club not only provides a nutritious meal for students before school, but is also a fantastic meeting place for students of different age groups & circles to mingle & form new friendships.

My role in breakfast club is to greet students with an excited Assalamu alaykum, register their names with a smile, notify them of any allergies they need to be careful of & clean up after the club is closed.  I am extremely grateful that our school is aware & health conscious of the importance of student nutrition as an aid for learning.  I am even more grateful that I can volunteer for tasks like this within my school, to actively help my community and strengthen my bonds, as a VCE student, with younger students.”

Nour Refae (VCE Student)



 The College produces a number of Newsletters each year.  Each publication provides relevant information for the whole school and highlights activities and events at both Springvale & Officer Campuses.

All areas of the school are included: incorporating Pre-School through to Year 12.