Excursion to Marysville (Springvale)

Year 11 Students from Unit 1 Geography ventured out to Marysville in country Victoria on May 18th for a Geography Excursion.

With almost 2 hours of journey ahead of us, we knew that we were in for a treat. Marysville is located north-east of Melbourne with a population of 200. Prior to the bushfires, the population was 500. Marysville was ravaged by devastating Black Saturday bushfires in 2009, with 90% of the town completely destroyed. With 173 deaths, it is the worst disaster in Australian history.

Students were fortunate enough to explore the town. They began with a visit to the Black Saturday Museum of history and witnessed firsthand the devastation of Black Saturday. We then made our way to the Historic Bushfire Learning Centre, where our tour guide Glennys spoke about her personal experience of the bushfires and the lasting effects it has had on her and the community.

Afterwards, students enjoyed the immaculate scenery of the gardens as we made our way to Steavenson Falls. It was a wonderful experience, which the students will remember forever. 

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