Dux of School Award

Each year, Minaret College recognises its Dux of School.   The Dux of School is officially awarded to the VCE graduate with the highest ATAR score. 

For 2016, Minaret College’s Dux of School was Aamna Hameed.  Her name has been added to the school’s Honour Board.  In addition, Aamna attended a special assembly on Wednesday 19th April where she addressed Senior School students and was then presented with a trophy by the Executive Principal, Mr Mohammed Taksim.  We were thrilled that Aamna’s father could accompany her for this special occasion.

Following the Awards Ceremony, Aamna Hameed is photographed with Nisveta Sehavdic (Yr 12 Coordinator), Mr Hameed (Aamna’s father), Mohammed Taksim (Executive Principal), Rashdan Rashid (Senior School Team Leader) & Sead Omerovic (Springvale Campus Principal).

Electronic Newsletter

 The College produces a number of E-Newsletters each year.  Each publication provides relevant information for the whole school and highlights activities and events at both Springvale & Officer Campuses.

All areas of the school are included: incorporating Pre-School through to Year 12.

Click here to view the E-Newsletter Volume 1 - 2018