Our Identity

"My goal in setting up an Islamic School is to provide our Muslim children with a site for the preservation of their Islamic Identity by fostering in them the Islamic Values and preparing them to be model Australian Muslim citizens that participate positively in building a prosperous, harmonious and safe society."

Mr. Mohamed Hassan OAM
Founding Director of Minaret College

Minaret College was founded in 1992 with the aim of providing a setting for young Muslim Australians in which they could grow up secure in their identity as Muslims and confident in being upright and productive members of Australian society. Minaret College students and graduates are wonderful examples of how being true to one’s identity as a Muslim and as an Australian are not mutually exclusive.

Since its inception Minaret College has succeeded in providing an excellent Australian academic program integrated with Islamic knowledge and practice. We pride ourselves in achieving a 100% success rate for our VCE students, many of whom have excelled and continued their tertiary education in the most prestigious universities in the nation.

Not only have our students excelled academically but have gone out to make contributions to society based on the positive values that they have gained in their years at Minaret College.

Right from the beginning, Minaret College has been involved in promoting peace and understanding by pioneering respectful interfaith discourse and activities with others schools as well as demonstrating its commitment to the maintenance of a peaceful society through cooperation and understanding by upholding the principles of both the Declaration of Faith Based Schools and the Islamic Schools Charter.

Minaret College seeks to instil in its students the principles of mercy and custodianship of the earth by giving prominence to sustainability in our curriculum as well as providing many opportunities to engage in projects which enhance the environment and serve the community. In doing so, the school seeks to foster a respect for the Aboriginal culture and heritage through the curriculum as well as providing students opportunities to learn from the local wisdom of the first peoples. Students also have the opportunity to learn so much about the world outside Australia through the rich ethnic diversity of the school cohort, making it a paragon of Australian multiculturalism.